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Carpet Cleaning Colleyville, TX

KIWI’s Colleyville carpet cleaners is highly effective for eliminating strong and dark stains. It is common to encounter pet potty accidents in the livings rooms and mainly on carpets. We at KIWI know that it is quite tough to remove pet accidents from heavily soiled are which is usually 3 layers containing odor-causing bacteria. Considering this fact we have include one more service for our customers i.e. blacklights. Thus, you will be able to see those soiled areas that any of our trained carpet cleaners of Colleyville, Texas can easily identify. Our professionals at KIWI follow three stages treatments during their Colleyville carpet cleaning.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Colleyville

  • Our service use pet stain removal solution to eliminate the stains. Spray antimicrobial solution to get rid of foul smell and kill the smell causing bacteria.
  • To clean up the affected padding we inject antimicrobial into it that not only eliminates the odor but also kill the bacteria in padding.
  • In the last third treatment, the contaminated padding is separated and underneath surface is washed, sanitized and sealed. Thereafter, they apply antimicrobial to the washed floor and sealed. At last, they insert the new padding and the entire carpet is treated with antimicrobial.

Ultimately you will have a completely and properly cleaned carpet without any kind of stain or odor.

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Colleyville Carpet Cleaning Reviews for KIWI Services

Veronica M. (Colleyville, TX, 76034)
5 star rating
“I have been a customer of KIWI Services for a number of years. I have shopped around at times to see if anyone can beat their customer service or their pricing. KIWI has been an honest company to do business with. They take the time to explain to you what they are going to do once they are in your home, and they always introduce themselves the minute you open the door. If you are under the warranty program you cannot get any better pricing or service for what you have signed up for. I am for sure a KIWI Lover.”

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