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Rug Repair Brookshire, TX

KIWI Services are now a leading Brookshire Rug Weaving repairer.

Our swift, expert Brookshire rug repair service is available to you. Our professional rug repair and Brookshire rug weaving crew can bring skilled attention to your repair problem and affect a rapid, affordable solution.

No need to worry about rug fringe wear, worn rugs, stained, dirty or torn rugs. The KIWI rug repair professional team can handle your damage problem, restoring your rugs from torn and tattered to looking brand new.

Expert Rug Repair & Rug Weaving

The same team will handle your rug from start to finish throughout the process, calling as necessary on the expertise of KIWI’s own in house Senior Rug Expert, our own Master Brookshire Oriental rug Weavers and our own Fringe, Surging and Binding Specialist.

In addition to general rug repair and Brookshire rug weaving, the expert team from KIWI rug weaving and repairing services in Brookshire, Texas can handle repairs and reweaving on rugs from oriental weavers and on rugs from many other parts of the world.

Don’t settle for anything less, get a free estimate from KIWI today.

Call Kiwi Rug Repair Brookshire, TX 713-595-0425
KIWI Rug Repair
Brookshire, TX