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Rug Cleaning Benbrook, TX

By washing all rugs by hand in Benbrook, rug cleaning company KIWI Services ensures that the delicate weaving and color of your rugs remains intact. Many rug cleaning companies submerge rugs into large vats of cleaning solution that can leave your rug faded, with bleeding from colors that have migrated and stretching. KIWI’s rug cleaning crew carefully washes all rugs by hand, employing gentle pH balanced rug cleaners. We also pick up and deliver all rugs right to your home for your convenience.

Whether you have a simple area rug cleaning or require treatment for expensive heirloom rugs, our company provides a full range of services. In Benbrook, rug cleaning teams at KIWI are comprised of a Senior Rug Cleaning Expert, a Master Weaver, and a Fringe Surging & Binding Specialist to ensure that your rugs receive the full attention they deserve.

Not all rugs are created equal

At KIWI, we recognize that the enormous variety in rug weaving, color, fibers, and shape require careful inspection and appropriate treatment to protect fibers from damage. Many rugs are woven by hand with organic dyes. In Benbrook, rug cleaning technicians at KIWI inspect each rug to determine the proper cleaning method. Our team of specialists has extensive training and 30 years of experience. For Benbrook Oriental rug cleaning, our technicians are specially trained in fiber identification and the proper care for each individual rug. All rugs are washed by hand and dried out flat to prevent colors from migrating and to protect fibers.

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