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Carpet Repair Bellaire, TX

KIWI Bellaire Carpet Cleaner takes care of all your repair needs!

Does your Berber carpet need repair? How about bleach stains that mar your carpet’s surface? Have your pets had a field day (literally) on your carpets, leaving little souvenir tears, bite marks, stains and/or odor?

Remember that coffee stain you tried to hide by placing a table over it? How about the aromatherapy candle that melted into your carpet during your last in-home massage? Maybe your children’s toys scooted across the carpet have caused snags, rips, or other damage. Our carpet repair company can fix any carpet issues in your living room.


Professional carpet repair Service in Bellaire

Go from room to room. Do you see bulges, wavy or rippled carpeting? Are there tacking strips that are rotted or missing? Has your carpet come loose from the tacking strips?

Just need a stretch job? No, not exercise. Carpet stretching.

Did Uncle Joe’s cigarette make a hole? Did your lipstick fall out of your purse and you accidentally ground it into the carpet?

KIWI’s 1-Year Bellaire Carpet Repair Guarantee

What about water damage caused by overflowing toilets, burst pipes, or something else?

Sounds like a job for KIWI’s team of Bellaire Repair Experts!

KIWI’s 1-Year Bellaire Carpet Repair Guarantee for Bellaire Residents means:

Carpet costs a lot of money. You want to make sure it lasts at least as long as you can. KIWI knows how to ensure your carpets last a good, long time. And we guarantee our repairs for a solid year. We are so confident in our repair methods that we guarantee you will be delighted and we provide our 1-year guarantee to back it up. We even do Bellaire Berber Carpet Repair!

Call KIWI’s Bellaire Carpet Repairs and Carpet Stretching experts right now! Our carpet repair services in Bellaire, Texas, can handle any job!

Carpet Repair

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