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Tile and Grout Cleaning Beasley, TX

Something we rarely think about, until we’re staring directly at it in the shower, is Beasley tile and grout cleaning. Ceramic tile is a staple in most homes, whether on bathroom or kitchen floors and walls, or many other locations. Now think how many of these same homes have dingy, dirty grout that the homeowner wants to hide.

Is your home one of these? Do you pull the shower curtain or door closed so your guests won’t see how awful it looks?

Let KIWI’s Beasley Tile and Grout Cleaning experts come out and restore your tile and grout to lustrous new-look finish. We’re fast, professional and thorough. Not only that, but we guarantee you’ll love the results!

Tile & Grout Cleaning By Professional

KIWI’s professional Tile and Grout Cleaning services of Beasley, Texas provide provide:

  • Specially formulated cleaners
  • Floor machines with brushes and bonnets – specially created for ceramic tile
  • Steady abrasion application that penetrates dirt, lifts particles and restores tile and grout to their original state
  • All areas thoroughly swept and vacuumed
  • We will transform your home’s tile and grout!

Don’t put it off any longer. Call KIWI’s professional tile and grout cleaning services of Beasley, Texas today. Our experts will bring your tile and grout back to life – and add more value to your home from its newly cleaned tile and grout appearance. Call us now!

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