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Rug Cleaning Baytown, TX

Rug cleaning Baytown with Kiwi!

At KIWI, we know our rugs. The rug cleaning Baytown team has been hand-cleaning rugs professionally since 1987. We take pride in restoring your rugs to their original beauty and luster. We guarantee it! We only use the time-proven hand-cleaning method, since that protects your fine rugs’ dyes from heavy bleeding. This is particularly important for your irreplaceable heirloom or very expensive rugs.

Suppose you just need a rug cleaning? No problem. Our expert Baytown rug cleaning team can handle the simplest cleaning job to the most complex one involving repairs, rebinding, re-fringing or re-weaving.

Professional Rug Cleaning Team Includes

Who cleans your rugs? Our KIWI Rug Cleaning Baytown Professional Team includes the following:

  • Senior Rug Expert – who takes charge of your project
  • Master Weaver – to handle full rug restorations
  • Specialist – accomplished in fringe surging and binding

We offer free estimates for your work – so there are no surprises! Contact our rug cleaning services of Baytown, Texas.s

Oriental rugs – Authentic Oriental rugs are a work of art. KIWI knows this, and the Baytown Oriental rug cleaning team cleans both sides of your prized rugs. We know our rugs, too, and recognize that no two rugs are the same. That’s why they are so valuable – as family heirlooms or treasured possessions.

The dyes in Oriental rugs, being mostly organic, are rich and vibrant in color, since they come from nuts, roots, plants, berries and fruit. It helps us to know the specific type of rug you have so we can hand clean it professionally and protect these precious dyes from bleeding.

Oriental rugs are usually woven without pile or knotted and originate in numerous cultures around the world. Oriental rugs are classified by origin, including: Tibetan, East Turkestan, Kurdish, Chinese, Persian, Central Asian, Antolian and Caucasian rugs.

KIWI’s baytown rug cleaning reviews

Heather R. (Baytown, TX, 77520)
5 star rating
“Excellent. I would specifically request the same technician again.”

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