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Carpet Repair Baytown, TX

Professional Carpet Repairs & Expert Carpet Stretching

Tired of unsightly, torn carpets in your home? Have you had enough of those ridges, bubbles, bulges, waves, holes and seams? Maybe it’s time for carpet repairs!

Whether your carpet requires a simple stretching and a little patching to make it look like new, or a complete Baytown Berber carpet repair – let our KIWI Baytown Carpet Repair Team take over! We’re perfectly equipped to even take on carpet damaged due flood water.

28+ years of experience in Carpet Repair

1-Year KIWI Carpet Repair Guarantee

1987. That’s when we first started. That’s a long time. During those 28+ years, we’ve enjoyed thousands of satisfied customers. Do you know why? Part of the reason is our professionalism and dedication to our jobs. Another part is the fact that we offer our 1-year KIWI Carpet Repair Guarantee. You must be 100% satisfied with our work – or we’ll redo it! When you call for a free estimate, be sure to ask about it!

KIWI’s professional Baytown Carpet repair crew arrives fully equipped to handle all your carpet repairs, including replacement padding, tacking strips, repairing holes and replacing carpet in areas that have permanent stains. You won’t even be able to notice your carpet repairs when we’re finished. It will just look fabulous! Just think how much we subject our carpets to – we literally walk, trod, stomp, skip and shuffle over them thousands of steps each day. All that abuse is bound to add up to worn, torn carpets over time. Remember, we’ve been at this since 1987. Here’s some of what the KIWI carpet repair services of Baytown, Texas repair:

carpet repairs and stretching by KIWI In Baytown

  • All those unsightly holes, dangling fibers that kitty’s claws caused
  • Ditto kitty or doggy pet and odor stains
  • And even more pet-related damage like bites and tears
  • Cigarette burns, candle burns and more
  • What about those ugly rust stains and other permanent stains? Gone, with Kiwi!
  • We replace any tack strips that are detached. We also replace any that are missing or have become rotted with age.
  • Do you have melted carpet? Yup, we handle that, too. Carpet that needs to be matched? No problem!
  • We also do exposed seam carpet repairs, add carpet thresholds where needed, get rid of carpet snags, remove any carpet areas stained by bleach
  • Here are more carpet repair issues we handle: loose carpet, wavy carpet, ruffled or ridged carpet, bulging carpet, loose-fitting seams
  • Got a permanent stain like lipstick? We can remove it!
  • Don’t forget we’re experts in fixing flood-damaged carpets!

KIWI’s Carpet Cleaning Repair customers rave about our services!

South Houston Carpet Repair and Dye Stain Removal Customer

“I never thought my carpet would look anything like it did when it was new. But I called KIWI just because I thought I’d give it one last shot before buying new carpet. And I really didn’t want to do that. Boy, was I surprised! I have a light cream Berber carpet in my home office and a near-white carpet throughout the rest of the house. Over the past few years, I’m afraid all our foot traffic, snacks and spills have created quite an unsightly mess. We also had some cigarette holes from guests, wax dropping from our daughter’s scented aromatherapy candles, makeup spills and a number of other little carpet challenges. KIWI took care of everything in a totally professional, courteous manner. Best of all, I don’t need new carpeting! My carpet looks brand new after Kiwi! And your technician, Larry, is absolutely the best. You need to give him a big raise!” Barbara M.

Baytown Carpet Repair Customer

“I don’t have a lot of time to wait for technicians since I’m on the road a lot. When Bob arrived to take care of my torn and wavy carpet, I was prepared for the worst – half my day gone waiting for repairs to be made. Bob got right to it and whipped my carpet into shape in under an hour. What really impressed me is that I can’t tell there was ever a problem. I’m completely satisfied with KIWI’s Carpet Repair.” Andre W.

KIWI’s Baytown Carpet Repair Reviews

5 star rating

“Awesome Warranty!”

Carpet Repair

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