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Air Duct Cleaning Austin, TX

Austin Air Duct Cleaning

Getting your air ducts periodically cleaned is important to fighting against bacteria, mold, mildew, and the allergens they can harbor. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you have a professional evaluate your system. A thorough air duct cleaning can prevent mildew and mold from growing in nooks and crannies; clean air ducts promote healthier, more breathable air.

The good news is that the Kiwi air duct cleaning team is always ready to help you, and we offer a remarkable 2-year guarantee against the regrowth of mold and mildew that Austin residents love. Kiwi Services has been in business for almost 30 years, and we’re Austin’s best air vent cleaning company. If you don’t need a full air duct cleaning, we can clear out the vents in each room and clean your dryer vent, as well.

Austin Air Vent Cleaning

Our customers all over the country are leaving Kiwi reviews, and here’s what they’re saying:

“Completely satisfied with their service. Joe explained what he was doing, did it very well, then made some recommendations that we were pleased to accept.” – Dan Hamline

Vent Cleaning Services

“Wonderful experience. I will be recommending Kiwi Services to friends and associates. The agent was awesome. Very friendly and eager to assist, as well as explain the process. He was extremely professional and friendly.” – Lara Harris

Air Duct Cleaning: Austin’s Go-To Experts

We’ve learned a lot over the past three decades, and that’s why we use an intensive 6-step process to clean air ducts in Austin. Our process includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of the unit, squirrel cage, fan and all air handling components that we can access
  • Removal and hand-washing of vent covers
  • Individual duct vacuuming that removes dust, ash and other debris
  • Application of an antimicrobial treatment that disinfects the system
  • Cleaning of the surrounding vent areas
  • Cleaning or replacement of your filter

Thorough air duct cleanings are especially important in Austin, where allergens are prevalent and mold and mildew can grow from ordinary moisture build-up behind vents.

KIWI Austin Air Duct Cleaning

Kiwi’s Two-Year Air Duct Cleaning Guarantee for Austin Residents

Dust, dirt and hair are normal in air ducts, but mold and mildew are not. Mold and mildew can cause all kinds of problems, including difficulty breathing. People with compromised immune systems, including young children and the elderly, as well as those suffering from cancer, HIV and other immune problems, are especially susceptible to the dangers of mold and mildew.

When you allow us to clean your air ducts, we’ll treat them with special antimicrobial agents that prevent mold and mildew from putting your family in danger. To ensure that you’re always breathing safe, clean air, we’ll give you our exclusive 2-year guarantee against mold and mildew regrowth.

On top of that, we have a 30-day clean carpet guarantee for carpet services. We’ll redo the work to ensure that you’re happy.

Air Duct Cleaning

Call Kiwi for Air Duct Cleaning in Austin

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re breathing clean air. Say goodbye to pet dander and other allergens, as well as inefficient unit operation. Call Kiwi’s Austin air duct cleaning team today at 512-381-3413 and we’ll set up an appointment that fits into your schedule.

Air Duct License # TACLBO15148E

Testimonials for KIWI’s austin air duct cleaning services

5 star rating

“I have been a Kiwi customer for 4 yrs. They have experiences staff and offer great services. Kiwi performed duct cleaning and it improved my families allergies. I never realized the importance of air duct cleaning or benefits. I truly appreciate Kiwi’s service and team! I used Kiwi for the first time about a year ago and they did a great job. When I called them again last week to have them clean again and was surprised when they said it would be at a reduced rate because of their warranty service (I had totally forgotten). Everyone I have ever talked to over the phone has been very nice and knowledgeable….great customer service.”

Greg B.(Austin, TX, 78759)
5 star rating
“Great Job.”

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