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Rug Repair Arlington, TX

Arlington Rug Weaving & Repair ServicesWhy worry about the damage to your rugs? If you ignore it, then you may have to buy new, since fibers can become permanently discolored, frayed and thin. Damages like that can get expensive.

Kiwi can repair your rugs by doing Arlington rug weaving Arlington rug repair is a much less expensive way to go. Our professional Arlington Oriental rug weavers are part of Kiwi’s company services professional team. Call today for an estimate.

30 years experience in rug repair

Kiwi’s Arlington team has 30 years experience in rug repair. Tired, worn, torn rugs need attention to prevent them from getting worse. We will schedule an appointment and we can even pick up your rugs and return them to your home. All that is needed is a phone call. We provide many other services as well. We want your rug repair business and we are looking to provide you with rug weaving and rug repairing services in Arlington, Texas well into the future. Call us at 817-585-5972.

Kiwi’s Arlington Rug Repair Reviews

5 star rating

“I’ve been a loyal Kiwi user for over 20 years. They do a great job… I’ve recommended them to my family and friends. I love their timely service, ease of scheduling. Their warranty service is an added bonus.”

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KIWI Rug Repair
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