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Carpet Repair Anna, TX

Anna carpet repair – another great home service offered by KIWI Services Company!

Berber carpet repair is one of the most complex carpet repair jobs. And since 1987 we’ve been doing Anna Berber carpet repair and all other types of carpet repair in the home and office.

Anna’s most excellent carpet repair Company

A carpet with holes or tears is usually only damaged in a specific area, while the rest of the carpet still often looks fine, with years of life left.

Don’t replace your entire carpet because of one bad spot! Anna carpet repair professionals can repair your carpet. KIWI technicians know carpet fibers and are trained in color matching. If your carpet is loose or wavy, or has come away from the wall, you’ll want us our carpet stretching service. Loose carpet can develop creases, which turn into weak spots that tear. They’re also a tripping hazard. KIWI carpet stretching can fix this problem completely.

Anna carpet repair professionals can also install new tack strips and carpet pad. Call for carpet repair services in Anna, Texas by KIWI Services.

reviews of our anna carpet repair reviews

Melody B. (Anna, TX, 75409)
5 star rating
“Loved it!!! The technician had been here before, remembered the issues we face with an old senile cat, did a wonderful job!”

Carpet Repair

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