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Rug Cleaning Alvin, TX

Alvin Rug Cleaning Services

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Outstanding Rug Cleaning in Alvin

At Alvin Rug Cleaning we do it all! We know rugs like no one else. Our experts have studied a number of rug types and styles, and know the artistry that goes into creating the beautiful floor pieces you have selected for your home. When Kiwi is called to clean your rug, we are going to give it the same love and care that you do. Instead of putting it through some machine that may damage its sensitive fibers, your rug will be cleaned by hand.

When you call a Rug Cleaning Alvin professional to make your rug look new again, we have a variety of services to meet the need of even the most sensitive rug.

First Class Rug Cleaning for Alvin

When Alvin Rug Cleaning gets your rug for a cleaning, before the first cleaner touches the surface, we will inspect the carpet to identify any damage, or special concerns, such as spots where dye has bled in the past. Second we will use a specially outfitted vacuum to remove the dust and dirt that your rug may be hiding. You may not know this, but every square foot of your rug could be holding up to one pound of dirt! Third, your rug will be carefully hand-washed. The hand-washing service your rug gets will be customized to take all the needs of your item into account. Next, we will get rid of any odors your rug may have been holding on to with our freshening agents. If your rug has a major odor problem, we recommend the extra purchase of our Ozone Treatment which will not only take care of the smells but also kill off any odor-causing bacteria that may be beneath the rug surface. Once the rug is clean and odor free, we take care even in the drying process. We will make sure your rug is allowed to dry on a flat surface to prevent any stretching. And finally, we, your rug cleaning services in Alvin, Texas, want to make sure your rug gets back to you in perfect condition, so we will dust it once more, than wrap the rug up to keep it fresh and clean until it gets back to your home.If your rug needs more than just a cleaning, Alvin Rug Cleaning also has a full staff of professional rug weavers on hand to fix any rips, tears, or even replace missing tassels.

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