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Wood Floor Cleaning Allen, TX

Allen Wood Floor Cleaning Team Provides Multitude Of Services Including Buffing And Waxing

If you need a wood floor cleaning services in Allen, Texas, KIWI will keep you buffed and polished!

First, you must take into account the numerous Allen hardwood floor cleaning tips. It is a good idea to clean up any spills quickly, removing any standing water so your hardwood floors do not become warped. Also, you should place rugs and floor mats in the highly used areas of your hardwood floor. While doing this, make sure to keep your rugs and mats clean so the soiling doesn’t transfer onto your hardwood floors. To prevent scratching from furniture, place fabric or felt furniture guards under the legs of each piece of furniture. Do not use a vacuum with beater bars; only use vacuums with a brush attachment. And finally, it is a good idea to use a dust mop to sweep over any large hardwood floor areas. Those are just the basics.

Hardwood floor cleaning services

Here is where KIWI’s Allen wood floor cleaning team comes into play. Our professional Allen wood floor cleaning team will provide a multitude of services including buffing and waxing. Looking for an Allen hardwood floor cleaning? So if you’re looking to have your hardwood floors radiate that brilliant shine like they used to, give KIWI a call today at 972-354-0166!

KIWI’s Allen Wood Floor Cleaning Reviews

5 star rating

“Glad we were introduced to KIWI when we moved to the Dallas area. They are very professional and thorough. The warranty is priceless!!”

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