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Rug Repair Addison, TX

Does your rug need some major renovation? Then maybe it’s time to call KIWI Services for a rug repair in Addison, Texas! Our rug weaving technicians provide the most comprehensive rug weaving and rug repair services available.

There are over 64,000 rug weaves, and our KIWI technicians in Addison know them all. We have a whole team of expert rug weavers on hand to repair your treasured antiques and fine rugs.

Our expert Addison rug weaving technicians are confident that they can repair your rug and return it to its original state of beauty, no matter how many tears, rips, or stains. We know how difficult it is to find a rug that you love. That’s why we believe you should never have to do it twice!

Oriental Rug Repair

Call us today for more information about our high quality rug cleaning and repair solutions. We’re always happy to help you restore your beautiful rugs and treat them as if they’re going into our own home.

KIWI offers the best in rug weaving and repair services in Addison, Texas!

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KIWI Rug Repair
Addison, TX