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Kiwi Services

Carpet cleaning service in Houston, Texas

Address: 4444 W 12th St, Houston, TX 77055, United States
Hours: Open 24 Hours
Phone: +1 713-999-6449


Aubrey Morgan Lopez
I don't think my couches looked any different than it did before they were "cleaned." No response from company when I reached out. Would not recommend.UPDATE: Kiwi reached out to me, apologized for the delay, and I have a second cleaning scheduled for next week. Will update this review again thereafter.SECOND UPDATE: I have revised my review based on the follow up from Kiwi, including the second cleaning. My couches looked significantly better after this cleaning. Would have given five stars had this been the case after the first cleaning.
Zak Bednarski
Debbie Capper
Kiwi has provided wonderful services starting with the customer service representative. Customer service explains all services in detail which helps. Had my carpets cleaned and they did a great job! Look brand new! Provided pet stain services too which make the carpets smell fresh. Love Kiwi!
Renita Johnson
After over a year due to the pandemic we are in need of their professional service again. What is even greater is their 1 year warranty! Thanks Kiwi!
Lori Kirk-Rolley
KIWI's technician, Avery was very friendly and professional. He was very careful when moving items and did a great job cleaning the carpets. Will call these guys every time I need a carpet cleaned!
Del Hart Fisher
Call me loyal; I've been a customer from the start of Kiwi in Atlanta. They are the only carpet service company I'll let into my home! My carpets have suffered [spots a plenty] with the 2020 [pandemic] shutdown of services- & I know Kiwi can handle the job! Ultra-professional customer service & satisfaction guaranteed. I've had my ducts cleaned by them too! Kiwi delivers a great price, experience/knowledge and quality results in this competitive industry. The 30 day guarantee is a highlight, and the option to have them return within the warranty period - an added plus!
robert coates
Shannon Friesen
Disappointed with my service today. No one called the day before to confirm my appt or give me an estimated time. I had to call the day of my service to see if they were coming. My appt time was between 8-10 and they did not show up until after that window. The technician did a rushed quick clean and then banged my glass door with his tools on the way out. Not one of my best experiences with Kiwi.
Granny D
I like the 1 year contract and how fast the floor dries
Vicki King
Kiwi's technicians are always friendly and professional. I appreciate that the scheduling process is easy and they seem to be available 24/7. There's always a reminder call before each visit and I have continued to use them year after year because the carpet cleaning is effective and economical.
Ruthanne Shobe
Cleaned my white couch and it looks great! Friendly service as well.
Mila Davis
Darrell Bettencourt
Wincy Tomecko
Janet Mclaren
Jeanette Russell
Kiwi picked up, cleaned and returned 2 area rugs for me last year. The rugs looked good and felt soft and turnaround was prompt. I plan to use them very soon for carpet cleaning.
Sandi Parker
Michael Martin
Excellent and efficient on-site work removing some carpet stains and doing a thorough cleaning.One area for improvement is better communication when the crew is arriving on site.
Renee Wheeler
I'm a repeat customer. Excellent service!!
Tracey Thornton Willis
I became a customer years ago after one of my neighbors told me about the company. We have since moved and I called on a few other companies with lower prices, but I am back as a Kiwi customer and do not plan to use any other company again. I can honestly say that you will be pleased. I do not like the way other companies soak the carpet pad which means soggy carpet for sometimes up to 24 hours. With Kiwi my carpet is dry in less than 2 hours. Also, I love the fresh citrus smell of the carpet and the convenience of being able to call them back to clean throughout the year by just paying the inexpensive trip charge and $4 per room fee. So all in all, I have tried numerous carpet cleaning companies throughout the metroplex, but Kiwi out ranks them all. Finally, the customer service is superb! My home care consultant is Lacy and she is responsive and friendly. I really do not think that you will be disappointed with Kiwi.
Marty Martin
Una Dixon
I have used Kiwi for many years. In my apartment and now at my home. I’m always happy with their carpet cleaning services and I love the warranty that allows me to call them back multiple times for a minimum fee!
Norma Jones
I have been a loyal customer for many years. Shirley M. has always impressed me with great customer service! Kiwi Services has done a great job on my air ducts and carpets in the past, which is the reason I continue using this company. I really like the warranty they offer!!!
Barbara Rowan
K Waggoner
Cali Grant
I used Kiwi to clean the air ducts in my home. The service was professional, detailed and exact. The service technician, Josh,, was on time and patient. I had many questions about how this might improve my home life and he was able to answer all questions without hesitation. Thanks Kiwi
Earline Williams
Excellent service! Very fast!
Sharon Wigder
We were very happy with the service Kiwi provided the last time they were out at our house and have scheduled for them to come and clean our carpets again. I like their process over putting alot of water in our carpets.
Randy Bivens
I use only Kiwi services for my carpets. No other service compares. I am now using them for air duct cleaning as they did my previous house and the air quality was excellent after their service.
Edna De Alejandro
I was super impressed and pleased with the work they did.The gentleman showed up at my house and was not even the one scheduled to be there. He was late but not because of his fault, he was super apologetic and did a fantastic job. The sofa and carpet literally looked brand new. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone
Shelly Moore
They were on time and very professional and did a great job.
Judith Duke
Great company! I have used Kiwi for many years and they always provide great service.
Joanna Krueger
Fantastic experience. Professional and arrived within the timeframe. Being environmentally conscious, I was excited to find a carpet cleaning business that did not use chemicals. Loved the year warranty and the discounted rate. You can’t go wrong with Kiwi because everything is done right!
Monica Corlett
These guys are great. I hired them to clean and seal my Travertine backsplash in my kitchen and clean and seal the grout in my bathroom floors. They did an exceptional job. They answer the phone when you call. They provide free estimates, they follow up, and they show up when they say they will. Much different experience than dealing with competitors. Very professional. I highly recommend them. Justin, thank you for excellent service.
Ali Kheirandish
I have been using Kiwi Services for last 4 years for washing my rugs. Very professional and convenience service. Great quality and always just a call away, if you have any questions or concerns. Great job!
Angela Rodriguez
Kyra Dove
Amy Nott
Taste XD
Thanks for your great service! Happy to have my heavily soiled rugs and carpets cleaned thoroughly.. Keep up the good work!
Milo Guarnero
Kiwi has been a Outstanding Company when I needed carpet cleaning services. I recommend this Company to my friends and business contacts. Milo
jason day
Sunny Snell
Very handy to have professional carpet cleaners on hand when you need them.
Nicole Broome
7/28/20I've used Kiwi's Cleaning & Restoration Services a couple of times in the past and I've always been satisfied. I recommend them highly to all of my friends and family.They have gotten the worst stains like dirt from underneath peoples shoes our of the carpet. I like how my carpet feels clean and looking fresh after they deep clean it.The employees at Kiwi are professional and they arrived within the time window as promised. The customer service is also excellent and whenever I called whoever picks up the phone was always professional and accommodating.As a repeat customer I've chosen to use Kiwi's Cleaning & Restoration Services mainly because of the quality of how well they clean my carpet.My 3 year old couch was definitely in need of a good cleaning. So I Googled of course, and found Kiwi Services. Unbeknownst to me I hit the jack pot! The price was reasonable and customer service was very good. I had to run an errand so the Kiwi Rep. was met by my mother, np. I had returned in time to meet him and to see the great job he had done. My couch looked brand new! I was very impressed. He left me with details as far as how long it would take to dry. He was a very nice guy. I will be using Kiwi services again!
M. Kholl
Used them multiple times, multiple homes. Always professional and do a great job.
Gale Hansen
I recently had a large oval wool rug cleaned using Kiwi Services. The total experience from making the appointment, having the rug picked up, than cleaned, and later delivered back to my home was awesome. The rug was cleaned better than I had expected since it had large cream colored areas that were heavily soiled. For the quality of service I received it was a good value for the dollar amount I paid. I will use this service again. Thank you to everyone involved from the initial call I made to the rug being returned. Great Job!
K&K Interiors
We had a wonderful experience, everyone was super helpful and nice. We would definitely recommend Kiwi Services to clients!
Monika Keenan
Dee Koehlerdkoehle
Have used this Carpet Services over the past several years and have been pleased with their results and customer service
Brittany Salazar
It's been awhile since having Kiwi come out but I can always count on them to have time available for appts. Cant wait for them to come out tmrw and bring my carpet back to life.
Mark Anthony Ortega
great and professional service. they are my go to professionals for the past 3 years and always wonderful results!
Sean McFerren
Kiwi cleaned our carpets before we moved into our home. Even though the carpet was a few years old, it looked fresh and new, with no more residual odors from the previous owners. Very pleased with the quality of work!
Sherry Hindmarsh
I am a Realtor in the Austin/Pflugerville/Round Rock area. I love that I can call Kiwi to clean the carpets in a home and they will be quick, punctual and provide quality carpet cleaning. And if it's not right they will come back. They provide a fantastic value.
Dewey K
I have had my carpet cleaned many times by Kiwi and it has always been great! I will continue to use them in the future.
Charmayne Parker
Kiwi has been my go-to for many years. Always friendly, punctual and no long wait times. Wonderful results!!!
Steve Roth
Kamela Janke
Kiwi is the best carpet cleaning and a great value - I have used them for years! they always do a great job and keep my 20 year old carpet looking great! I love their warranty service.
Julie Wilson
I use Kiwi Services to clean my 100% wool rugs. I like this service for a couple of reasons including that it's convenient, as they pick up your rugs at your home. I also like that they prioritize green cleaning and use an eco-friendly solution. I would definitely recommend Kiwi Services for your rug or carpet cleaning needs.
Melanie Martin
Kiwi is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! It's the only carpet company with a one-year warranty program. It lets me get my carpet cleaned as needed for parties and the holidays. They do a great job, it dries quickly and smells great after. I've been using them for more than 5 years now and will continue to do so. Thank you!
Paula Warner
After some challenges with getting a pick up scheduled the rug came back looking great. Very clea .
jim moulthrop
I’ve used Kiwi for years to keep our carpeting looking good. They always do a great job and the techs are good at what they do. I would recommend Kiwi to anyone I know....and I have!
Jacqueline Steinberg
They have done a great job each and every time they have come to clean our carpets. We get the same technician every time and is always prompt and supper friendly. I love the 1 year warranty and the great deal you get with those cleanings. So happy I found them.
Angie Patterson
Fabulous job and awesome service
Kathy Green
Every experience I have had with Kiwi has been great; they do a great job.
Morgan Merritt
The best cleaning service! The customer service staff are super friendly & helpful; they use natural products; their prices are much better than other chains (plus the year guarantee!). Michael did an awesome job both times I had my carpets cleaned & when he deep cleaned my hardwood floors. Highly recommended
Joy Lee
“I’d used KIWI service in the past several time for my rental properties and another service will be done this week. Because of their outstanding job and great customer care service I strongly recommend this company to who needs concern-free job for your carpet cleaning.Thanks
Lauren Herrera
Excellent prompt service
Pack 14 Admin
These guys are great! Always very professional, and you can usually get an appointment really quickly. I love that their products are natural so I don’t have to worry about the cats being on the carpet. Always pleased!
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