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Rug Repair Boston, MA

Boston Rug Weaving & Repair by Kiwi

rug repair crews with Kiwi Services represent the best
rug repair experts that are available on the market. Our
Boston rug repair teams will help to patch your rugs from
wear and tear while also ensuring that they will last
longer than ever before. Thanks to our meticulous attention
to detail and our modern technology, we are able to not
only clean your rug, but also patch all holes, wear, and
reweave the rug so that you can have a like-new rug again
in no time.

Most Excellent Rug Repair Service in Boston

Call our technicians in our Boston rug repair office if
you have holes in your rug, worn spots, threadbare rugs,
fringe coming apart, and a need for surging or hard to
remove stains. Our Boston Rug Repairing team of four rug
repair experts
is dedicated to ensuring that no matter
what is wrong with your rug, we can repair it efficiently
and effectively.

We’re standing by to help restore the naturally beauty
and delicate weave to your rug. Call Kiwi’s Rug Repair
Service of Boston, MA today – we’re ready!

KIWI Rug Repair Boston, MA

Call Kiwi Rug Repair Boston, MA

Call Kiwi Rug Repair Boston, MA 866-236-5494
KIWI Rug Repair
Boston, MA