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Rug Cleaning Whitesburg, GA

The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends regular cleaning of all rugs, and many Whitesburg customers recommend that cleaning be done by KIWI’s Rug Cleaning Whitesburg. KIWI offers fast, thorough, professional rug cleaning Whitesburg services tailored specifically for the needs of your rug – its fiber, weave and dye.

# 1 Oriental rug cleaning Whitesburg service

Since no two rugs are alike, our rug care experts are trained to diagnose each rug’s construction and its cleaning needs, providing tailored Whitesburg Oriental rug cleaning services. We use centuries-old hand-washing techniques, as proven and true as the families who continue to produce some of the world’s most beautiful Oriental and Persian rugs.

Expect Fantastic Results From Whitesburg Rug Cleaning Crew

Of course, KIWI rug cleaning services in Whitesburg, Georgia clean all kinds of rugs – Chinese to Tibetan, Berber to synthetic. And we hand-wash them all, never submerging them. KIWI Whitesburg rug cleaning does this to protect the rug and prevent color migration. Rugs are treated, cleaned and then laid flat to dry, never hung, also to prevent color migration and stretching. Careful methods and qualified experts. That’s what makes KIWI rug cleaning Whitesburg the company for your routine rug cleaning in Whitesburg.

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