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Rug Repair Union City, GA

Union City rug repair teams with KIWI Services are proud of our record of providing one-of-a kind rug repair to our clients. Since 1987, we have worked hard to study rug weaves and rug variations so that when our customers need us to provide them with exceptional rug repair, we’re able to do just that. Rug repair, for KIWI Services experts, is not just about providing a service; it’s about providing a service that our customers can be thankful they chose.

Ecofriendly rug repair in Union City

When we begin the process of rug repair at our Union City rug repair office, we will first inspect your rug so that we know precisely where your problems are. We will then work hard to use the most delicate rug weaves so that we can precisely match the rug weave that your carpet began with. After we match the rug weave, we are sure that we can provide the fringing and surging service that will leave your rug looking and lasting better and longer.

Call your Union City rug repair technicians with KIWI Services whenever you have a rug that you would like to have expertly repaired or rewoven. We’re standing by to fulfill your every rug repair need!

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