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Rug Repair Tyrone, GA

Tyrone Rug Weaving Team – The Serious Solution

If you have a rug that needs a hole, worn section, or fringe repaired, there’s no better rug repair company to call than the KIWI Services Tyrone rug weaving team. Our crew of rug repair experts has been cleaning rugs and repairing rugs entirely by hand since 1987. That gives us decades of experience when it comes to ensuring that our customers receive the kind of one on one care and attention that they deserve.

Highest quality Rug Weaving & repairing service in Tyrone

Tyrone Rug Weaving Does It All

Whether you are looking to repair a worn patch, repair a badly worn rug, or stitch a hole, it is important to be aware that rugs are most often weaved (it’s what distinguishes them from carpets.) We take care to ensure that the rug weave that we perform on the repair exactly matches the rug weave of the original carpet. Our Tyrone oriental rug weavers are experts. We even have a master weaver that studies the 64,000 variations of rug weaves in order to help deliver the best experience possible to our customers.

For rug weaving and rug repairing services in Tyrone, Georgia, call KIWI Services today to schedule your next rug repair or rug weave today. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how new your old carpet can look in no time!

KIWI’s tyrone rug repair reviews

Regina B. (Tyrone, GA, 30290)
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“I liked the service very much.”

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