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Upholstery Cleaning Stone Mountain, GA

Upholstery Cleaning Stone Mountain Teams Understand Dirty Furniture.

Our Stone Mountain upholstery cleaning teams are happy to revitalize your furniture. Sit on your furniture, love it to death, eat on it, drink and play on it – all this takes a dirty toll after a while – and then it’s time to call in the pros at KIWI’s Stone Mountain Upholstery Cleaning Company!

Upholstery cleaning Stone Mountain teams are available when you need us. You see, we are all guilty of making ourselves at home on our furniture. That’s what it’s for, isn’t it? In the process of eating before the TV, sipping margaritas (or cokes, soft drinks, Kool-Aid, beer, whatever), munching on snacks and candy as we roam through the house (probably on the phone), or at our desks in home offices, we fall prey to the drop syndrome. Yup, you guessed correctly.

Superb Upholstery cleaning Stone Mountain Company

We drop and spill things, certainly without meaning to! Upholstery cleaning Stone Mountain teams understand spots and stains. Of course we try to wipe them up. Usually we don’t do a very good job. Sometimes the spot looks like it’s gone, only to reappear later when Mom (or Dad or significant other in charge of all things gone wrong) finds it and hits the ceiling. What did you do to my favorite leather couch?

KIWI’s team of trained and certified professional upholstery cleaners can tackle all these kinds of problems – and any we haven’t listed here. We know all the variations, types, fabrics and manufacturers. We’re very careful in our cleaning methods, appropriately using just the right ones for your specific furniture piece.

Stone Mountain upholstery cleaning Company with the most fantastic results

Our methods, while gentle, are extremely effective. We can even dry-clean very delicate and sensitive fabric on your furniture right in your home. For full-house or lots of furniture to be cleaned, it’s probably better for us to take your pieces to our facility for expert cleaning. So, the next time you’re trying to hide your little accident, call KIWI Upholstery Cleaners instead!

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