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Rug Repair Stone Mountain, GA

Stone Mountain Rug Weaving and Stone Mountain Rug Repair Experts are Standing By

Bald spots on your heirloom rugs are a breeze for the rug repair professionals at Stone Mountain KIWI Rug Repairs Company! Missing fringes, binding that’s loose, holes, burns, any kind of repairs – even full rug restorations – are KIWI’s services specialty!

Exceptional rug weaving and repairing Stone Mountain Company

Call today for the best rug weaving and repairing services of Stone Mountain, Georgia! You have not one, not two, but three KIWI experts assigned to your very own rug repairs job. There’s your Stone Mountain rug weaving KIWI senior rug expert: he is the major-domo who oversees the entire task.

There’s KIWI’s master weaver: he’s able to handle all weaving and full restoration projects. And KIWI also has a specialist for fringe binding and surging: he is able to re-attach, repair, and restore rugs with these types of rug repair issues. We are proud to also offer Stone Mountain Oriental rug weavers for your rugs. All in all, it’s a finely-attuned team, and one we at Stone Mountain KIWI Rug Repair Company would love to bring to your home’s rug repair rescue.

Call for the best Stone Mountain rug cleaning around! Need your rugs to be dyed again? Do you have more than one rug to be repaired? Are you worried that we don’t have the expertise to do the job right? We will satisfy your concerns on every type of rug repair question. Just call KIWI Rug Repair for Stone Mountain to schedule your appointment for free estimate or to have your rugs repaired.

We’ll answer each and every question to your satisfaction before we undertake the job. We know you’ll love the results of your rug repairs from KIWI’s rug repair masters. Call today!

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Stone Mountain, GA