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Rug Repair Stockbridge, GA

Call KIWI for the best Stockbridge Rug Weaving and Stockbridge Rug Repair Services Around!

Stockbridge rug weaving by KIWI Services Company: your full-service oriental rug care solution from our Stockbridge Oriental rug weavers.

Expect Fantastic results from Stockbridge rug weaving & repairing crew

When it comes to your Stockbridge rug repair, cleaning may not be enough. Your oriental rug may need extra help, such as Stockbridge rug weaving. Removing dirt particles is an important step in the care of your oriental rug, but if it has tears or holes or other damage, our rug repair team can help.

Oriental rugs are a general category of rugs from around the world, generally from the east. They are woven or knotted rugs with fringe or bound edges. The families or groups of oriental rug weavers are artisans who passed their methods often through generations. Now there are over 64,000 types of oriental rug weaves!

KIWI Services can repair all sorts of oriental rugs. Our oriental weavers can rebind, reweave and repair fringe in rugs from all the different sorts of damage.

And we’ve been in rug repair and full-service home care for 30 years. Call today for the best rug weaving and repairing services in Stockbridge, Georgia!

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KIWI Rug Repair
Stockbridge, GA