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Rug Cleaning Stockbridge, GA

Stockbridge Rug Cleaning Teams Deliver Impressive Results! Our rug cleaning Stockbridge teams with KIWI Services are the best available for all of your rug cleaning Stockbridge needs. We do Stockbridge rug cleaning right.

For 30 years, KIWI Services has been cleaning rugs the old fashioned way – by hand! Oriental rug cleaning and all types of area rug cleaning are best done this way. Our Stockbridge Oriental rug cleaning is safe and effective! After all, you don’t want any of your rugs dipped in vats of liquid chemicals!

Guaranteed results for our Stockbridge rug cleaning clients

The rug cleaners we use are gentle. We want to make sure the colors in your rugs, especially your heirloom rugs and oriental rugs, don’t bleed or run. And here’s a surprise that you might not know – your oriental rug could be holding about 10 pounds of dirt before it ever looks dirty.

And those dirt particles cut at the fibers of your rug, shortening its life. KIWI Services professional rug cleaning protects your oriental rug investment. Our detailed, six-step cleaning process is designed to fully clean your rug so it comes back to you in the best possible condition.

We’re the company to call for Stockbridge rug cleaning – we provide the best rug cleaning services in Stockbridge, Georgia – bar none!


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