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Rug Cleaning Smyrna, GA

Rug Cleaning Smyrna Teams Are Standing By

The Smyrna rug cleaning teams provide great service, whether you have old area rugs, or Oriental Rugs. Our professional Rug Cleaning technicians have the equipment and training to do the job.

Smyrna rug cleaning Authority

Our Smyrna rug cleaning experts don’t submerge your rugs in detergents and hot water. We use the traditional Hand-Washing methods. Hand Weaving is an ancient craft, passed down through thousands of years. There are countless different weave patterns. The dyes used are organic, with brilliant living colors that no synthetic can match.

Smyrna’s State Art Rug Cleaning Solutions¬†Area rug cleaned by KIWI pro

No two rugs are exactly alike. Each is a separate work of art. The Rug Cleaning Smyrna Teams include a Master Weaver, to identify and work on the weave patterns, Senior Carpet Expert, to identify your rugs type and special needs, and a Fringe, Serging and Binding Expert for detailing work. We even have Smyrna Oriental rug weavers. KIWI’s area rug cleaning process and cleaning solution are effective cleaning methods that remove dirt, pet urine, and urine odor out of your rugs. We also provide specific pet odor treatment, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning.¬†

If your rugs in your Smyrna home need to be cleaned, you can count on KIWI as your rug cleaning specialist. Call us today and ask us what our services can do for you! You’ll be enlisting the help of rug weaving and repairing services in Smyrna, Georgia.

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