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Rug Cleaning Sharpsburg, GA

Rug Cleaning Sharpsburg Provides Fast and Effective Service!

When your rugs begin to look shabby, you need the Sharpsburg Rug Cleaning Team from KIWI. Our professional Rug Cleaning experts have the training and experience to properly service even delicate hand-crafted rugs, whether they are Malaysian, Asian, Chinese or Indian. Rug cleaning Sharpsburg professionals are the best and we can prove it.

Excellent rug cleaning service Sharpsburg

Our rug cleaning Sharpsburg teams do not machine-wash rugs. We do not submerge them in vats of hot water and harsh detergents. We only use the traditional hand washing methods and gentle cleaners to protect your rugs, and make them, look their best. We even provide delicate Sharpsburg Oriental rug cleaning!

We use a seven-step process to protect your rugs from bleeding, fading and color migration,

  1. We give your rug a pre-wash inspection and evaluation
  2.  We remove dust from both sides
  3. We gently hand-wash it.
  4. We deodorize your rug.
  5. We dry your carpet FLAT to protect against color bleeding and stretching.
  6. We perform any required post detailing
  7.  We can perform any repairs and restorations needed. Just ask our friendly specialist for an estimate today!

KIWI is that team. Call us today for a free Rug Cleaning estimate for the best rug cleaning services in Sharpsburg, Georgia!

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