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Rug Repair Roswell, GA

Roswell rug repair technicians have been repairing rugs to perfection since 1987. With 30 years of experience in matching rug weaves and rug texture, we are certain that no matter what rug repair issue you need, we have the service providers that can offer it to you.

Awesome rug repair in Roswell

Our Roswell rug repair team is complete with four separate teammates, each of whom specialize in a different area of rug repair. First, we have a senior rug expert he specializes in a broad knowledge of rugs. We then have a rug weaving expert who can ensure that the rug weave we perform on your rug matches your original rug weave to perfection. Our rug weaving expert knows that there are over 64,000 variations of rug weaves available and knows how to detect the minute difference is in between each rug weave. We then have a surging specialist and a fringe specialist, both of whom can ensure that the boundary of your rug is well maintained. KIWI offers oriental rug cleaning as well as the ability to clean and repair area rugs and rugs from around the world. Rug being repaired

Call today to learn more about our KIWI Services Roswell rug repair team. You’ll be amazed by the difference a KIWI Services rug repair teams can make in the life and health of your rug.

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