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Wood Floor Cleaning Riverdale, GA

Riverdale Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Riverdale wood floor cleaning by KIWI Services. We’re your professional home care company, and we want you to love your home!

Cleaning wood floors is another great service we offer. Hardwood floor cleaning is mostly done each day as you live in your home. Sweeping up spills, vacuuming up pet hair – these are daily maintenance that really helps protect your hardwood floor.

Unsurpassed Riverdale wood floor cleaning services

But over time your floor’s natural beauty can dull. Riverdale wood floor cleaning by KIWI offers hardwood floor cleaning to bring back the beauty to your hard wood floors.

KIWI’s wood floor cleaning services of Riverdale, Georgia, will buff your floor and, if appropriate for your floor’s finish, we’ll do a wood floor waxing as well. This service isn’t right for all hardwood floors, so be sure to ask your KIWI technician if it’s right for yours.

When you call us for carpet cleaning or other home care services, make sure to ask about Riverdale hard wood floor cleaning as well, for a total home care package.

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