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Rug Cleaning Riverdale, GA

Rug Cleaning Riverdale Riverdale rug cleaning by KIWI Services. We’re professional rug cleaners, and more! If your area rug or Oriental rug is medium sized or larger, it could be holding 10 pounds of dirt or more before you ever notice that it’s dirty. And those harsh dirt particles are cutting into the fibers of your rug, damaging it every time it’s walked on.

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There are over 64,000 different types of oriental rugs and each type has a special fiber, weave and dye. Our Riverdale Oriental rug cleaning process gets your Oriental rug clean while protecting your precious rug. KIWI rug cleaning services of Riverdale, Georgia cleans area rugs too. Area rug cleaning and Oriental rug cleaning never involve dipping your rug in vats of liquid chemicals. Your rug is hand cleaned on both sides, using our special 6-step area rug cleaning methods.

Our rug cleaners know rugs of all kinds. Call KIWI Services rug cleaning Riverdale for rug cleaning and rug repair too.

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Riverdale, GA