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Carpet Repair Riverdale, GA

Carpet Repair Services in Riverdale, Georgia

Riverdale carpet repair by KIWI Services. We’ve been your carpet repair company for 30 years. We can help!

Loose carpets, carpets with tears, holes or pet damage – we specialize in repairing and restoring your carpets. When carpet cleaning isn’t enough, it’s time to call KIWI for carpet repair.

Best carpet repair value for Riverdale

Carpet with bulges, loose carpet, wavy carpet – these are all carpets in danger. Loose carpet doesn’t last as long – the fibers become damaged. Worse, a loose carpet is a tripping hazard and can cause serious injury! We do carpet stretching to fix this serious problem. We also do repair after flooding or water damage.

Carpet repairs and stretching by KIWI In Riverdale

Call KIWI Riverdale Berber carpet repair for Berber carpet damage. If your carpets are pet stained or have heavy pet odors, the Riverdale carpet repair staff of trained professional experts can help.

And you’ll love our 1-Year Carpet Repair Guarantee – ask about it when you call for your free carpet repair estimate. Riverdale carpet repair by KIWI Services – another of our great total home care services.

Carpet Repair

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