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Rug Cleaning Redan, GA

Attention all Redan residents with rugs of any kind:  KIWI Services do rug cleanings and save your rugs from dirt and damage. By the time a rug a rug appears grubby, it probably has about 8 pounds of dirt and filth clinging to it. That’s 8 pounds of dirt that need to come out of your rug!  You could try to clean it yourself, but what if something goes wrong and the color bleeds or fades? KIWI Services is here to help. We offer premier rug cleaning services!

Most experienced rug cleaning Company in Redan

All rugs brought to our shop are closely inspected. Our experts inspect your rug for the proper care and cleaning. When cleaning is necessary, the rug is cleaned using our pH balanced citrus cleaner that prevents against color bleeding and fading. We then carefully sweep away lint, soil and debris from both the front and the back of the rug. When its time for the rug washing, we hand-wash the rug, never subjecting it to submergence in soapy water. With the KIWI Rug Cleaning team on the job, your rug will be NOT be soggy and wet for any period of time. We always dry the rugs flat so that no bleeding or color migration will occur. Finally, we ensure that the rug looks pristine and give it one last pass with the dusting vacuum. It is then packaged for its return home.


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KIWI Rug Cleaning
Redan, GA