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Carpet Cleaning Redan, GA

Redan residents have a trustworthy ally against dirty carpets, stains and spills. KIWI Services offers a comprehensive carpet cleaning package with benefits. Choose one of the Redan carpet cleaning specials that KIWI has going on to match your needs and know that you carpets will be cleaned and protected. No matter what special you choose, we provide the following actions as a basic service:

The Most awesome Redan carpet cleaning Company

  • Move your furniture out of the room
  • Vacuum the entire floor
  • Pre-treat stains with our special KIWI SuperSpotter
  • Clean carpets thoroughlys
  • Rake and deodorize the carpet

Natural Carpet Cleaning in Redan

Redan Specials may include one of our protectors, an on-going cleaning service package, or a Carpet Cleaning and Repair procedure. Regardless, we always give your carpets the royal treatment. If you are unsatisfied with the carpet cleaning, just give us a call within 30 days to set up a time and we’ll come back and re-clean your carpet. You will be impressed with our service. It’s our guarantee!

Carpet Cleaning Sale

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