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Carpet Repair Red Oak, GA

So, you dropped and lit candle on your carpet and left a burn hole and wax. Or maybe you have carpet-tacking strips showing through. Or maybe your carpets have seen so much wear and tear over the years they are beginning to fray. All of these unfortunate problems happen, but it does not mean it’s the end of the line for your carpets. We are KIWI Services and we have a carpet repair crew who can fix problems in your carpets like those described, but we also handle other damage.

carpet repair in Red Oak with proven results

Our carpet repair expert can remove a large section of carpet due to damage or staining, and make a seamless match for the repair. They can also fix unraveling, thinning, or bumpy and lumpy carpets too. Our carpet stretching techniques are like giving your carpet a much-needed facelift.

We get the sagging and wrinkles out! Why not see what KIWI Services Carpet Repair teams can do for your home? The worst it can do is look new!

Carpet Repair

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