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Rug Cleaning Powder Springs, GA

Powder Springs rug cleaning expertise is found with KIWI Services. KIWI’s rug cleaning services team is thorough and qualified to completely clean and service any type of rug. KIWI rug cleaning technicians are skilled in the art of hand-washing any type of rug. Whether your rug is from the discount store down the block or an heirloom from another country, KIWI’s rug cleaning team takes excellent care to completely clean and maintain all rugs.

Environmentally Friendly rug cleaning in Powder Springs

Upon arrival to our studio, your rug is inspected for fiber identification. It is then dusted on both sides with our special rug vacuum. Next, your rug’s stains are pre-treated and then the entire rug is cleaned by hand. Odors can then be neutralized and the rug is completely deodorized. The drying process is done while the rug is flat to avoid color migration, bleeding or fading. Finally, the rug is dusted one last time and packaged for return to you.

As if our rug cleaning service wasn’t winning enough, we can also perform rug repair. Contact us for more details.


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KIWI Rug Cleaning
Powder Springs, GA