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Rug Cleaning Pine Lake, GA

Pine Lake rug cleaning through KIWI Services will provide extremely efficient cleaning. We will remove all stains, deep-set dirt and odors before returning your rug to you. You can trust our competence at rug cleaning as we have been in the business since 1987.

We clean all sorts of rugs such as Berber rugs, dhurry rugs, oriental rugs, Indian rugs, area rugs, Egyptian rugs, etc.

Finest rug cleaning in Pine Lake

You need not worry about KIWI Services ruining your rug by the running of dyes, as we clean every individual rug by hand, preventing the risk of over-bleeding of dye when rugs are immersed in vats of dye. Our odor-neutralising camber producing ozone treatment to rugs cancels all troublesome odors and leaves your rug smelling clean and fresh.

Pine Lake Rug Cleaning Company with The Most Fantastic Results

Use the help of KIWI Services for your rug cleaning needs and be amazed at the difference a clean rug can make to the look of your home. Your friends and family will be awed at the great new rug that you bought, as rugs cleaned by KIWI Services don’t look cleaned, they look new!

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KIWI Rug Cleaning
Pine Lake, GA