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Carpet Repair Peachtree City, GA

Do you have holes, rolls and knolls in your carpet? Stains, lanes and strains? How about tears, wears and snares? Whatever is plaguing your carpet the professional Peachtree City Carpet Repair Teams from KIWI can fix it.

We can replace tack strips, re-stretch, replace padding, patch holes, remove odors, stains, repair seams and thresholds, fix burns, snags, loose fibers, melted carpet, bulges, ripples, and anything else to make your carpet look its best.

Peachtree City Carpet Repair service

Peachtree City Berber Carpet Repair can address all your needs.

Whether you have long shag, short shag, cut pile, kangaback, Astro-turf, indoor-outdoor, cotton or synthetics, Peachtree City Carpet Repair has got the tricks to fix whatever your carpet needs, including 24 hour/7 days a week Emergency Water Damage and Restoration Service.

Carpets have a rough life. We walk on them, play on them and sometimes even sleep on them. Why not treat your hard-working carpets to a makeover?

Peachtree City’s carpet patching and repair Service

Peachtree City Carpet Repair has been helping people since 1987 with complete home services, and an excellent record of customer satisfaction. If your carpet has wrinkled and in needs to be professional stretched due to some ripples, waves or its slipping and sliding then you are probably could use our Professional Carpet stretching and repair Services.

Call us today and ask about our fantastic specials for carpet repair services in Peachtree City, Georgia.

Carpet Repair

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