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Rug Repair Oxford, GA

Oxford rug repair teams are standing by to quickly repair your rug no matter how bad the damage is. We know that many rugs are family heirlooms, and as such, we take extra special care to make sure that your rug is not damaged during the rug repair process. Plus, many rug are works of art. As such, our Oxford rug weaving specialists appreciate the craftsmanship and originally went into the creation of your special rug.

Expect Fantastic results from Oxford Rug Weaving & Repairing crew

Our Oxford Oriental rug weavers understand understand that there are over 64,000 variations of rug weaves to choose from when repairing your rug. Our specialists genuinely care about ensuring that we have matched the rug weaving exactly to the rug weaving of your original rug.It is KIWI Oxford Rug Weaving’s goal that you will not be able to tell a difference between where your original  rug stops and our rug repair job begins. Plus, KIWI’s rug weaving and repair services in Oxford, Georgia are not made of only one person. They are made of a surging specialist, a fringe specialist, a master weaver, and a senior rug expert. We work together to ensure that no matter what the problem is with your rug, we can repair it perfectly.

Call your Oxford rug weaving team today to schedule an appointment to have your rug expertly cleaned by our team. You’ll be amazed by how clean and new your rug can look in no time.

reviews of our oxford rug repair services

Kathy P. (Oxford, GA, 30054)
5 star rating
“The end result was great. Very happy with the job.”

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