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Rug Repair Newnan, GA

Newnan rug repair technicians at KIWI Services are standing by to provide you and your family with exceptional rug weaving and repairing services in Newnan, Georgia, no matter how tattered or worn-down your rug is. Our rug repair technicians have been repairing rugs since 1987. As such, we understand what qualities go into making a rug repair look as good as the rug’s original condition.

rug repair service in Newnan

When you enlist the professional services of Newnan rug weaving for your rug repair work, you are taking on a whole team of rug repair experts that are dedicated to ensuring that your rug is repaired to perfection. Our Newnan rug weaving team includes a fringe specialist, a surging specialist, a senior rug expert and a master weaver. Each team member brings years of study and expertise to the table to that when it’s time to repair your rug, you are extremely satisfied with the service we provide.

Plus, our KIWI Services team members on the Newnan Oriental rug weavers will ensure that your rug weave matches the original weave. We are aware that with over 64,000 variations of rug weaves, finding the perfect weave can be tough. However, we’ve got the manpower and experience behind us to detect subtle variations that make all the difference in your rug repair. Call KIWI Newnan Rug Weaving today to turn your rug into a like-new rug again!

KIWI’s newnan rug repair reviews

Janette H. (Newnan, GA, 30263)
5 star rating
“I was happy and pleased with job and person.”

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