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Rug Cleaning Morrow, GA

Morrow Rug Cleaning professionals at KIWI understand the unique needs of heirloom and imported rugs and the stain removal needs of even domestic area rugs. Here at KIWI’s rug cleaning Morrow we have professionals trained in identifying the specific fibers and dyes that create each different rug and hand clean them to ensure the preservation of these unique qualities. Our pH balanced cleaners not only clean your rug, but leave it looking new and feeling great. Our KIWI rug cleaning Morrow teams take pride in hand cleaning both sides of each area rug and inspect each one for any repairs or damage.

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We also dry the rugs flat so as to prevent dye migration and stretching. The professionals at Morrow Oriental rug cleaning work with rug and weaving masters to tailor all their services to meet your needs and the unique needs of your rug. KIWI’s rug cleaning Morrow professionals respect the work and time needed to create each fine rug and take care to preserve them.

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Morrow, GA