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Rug Cleaning Locust Grove, GA

Locust Grove Rug Cleaning Services
5 Reasons To choice KIWI

1) 30-Day clean satisfaction guarantee

2) 35 years of rug cleaning and repairs experience

3) Over half a million happy customers

4) Green rug cleaning Solution

5) Free pickup and delivery

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Rug Cleaning Locust Grove

There is only one name when it comes to Locust Grove Rug Cleaning experts and that’s KIWI Services, your rug cleaning services of Locust Grove, Georgia. From simple area rug cleaning to Locust Grove Oriental rug cleaning, KIWI Services does it all.

rug cleaning in Locust Grove with Superior Results

Our professional rug cleaning team can clean as well as repair your rugs – no matter what the problem. When you call to ask about our rug cleaning services, you may find a special that serves your needs best.

Ecofriendly Rug Cleaning in Locust Grove

We can clean your rugs at our studio and return it for free if that special suits you. No matter what service you choose, your rugs are handled with care. We have a six-step process for cleaning rugs that includes a pre-wash, a wash & treat, odor neutralization, flat-drying, and any rug repairs you may want need.

Our Master Weaver will give you a quote after the initial inspection. Call us today to find out how our rug cleaning and rug repair services can help you.


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KIWI Rug Cleaning
Locust Grove, GA