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Rug Repair Hiram, GA

Hiram Rug weaving and Hiram rug repair can now be done by Kiwi! Hiram rug weaving (Hiram Oriental rug weavers are also available), and many other innovative ways of doing rug repair are standard practices for KIWI’s service professionals.

Hiram’s Expert Rug Repair Crew

Our company has 30 years of experience around the United States. Over time, the rugs in your home tend to get worn out. Sometimes they just have rugged edges, other times, they get rips and tears. When this happens you have a decision to make. Get them fixed or get new.

So you decide to get them fixed, what then? KIWI is the place to call – we’re your neighborhood rug weaving and repairing services in Hiram, Georgia. KIWI uses a variety of rug repair methods including weaving just to mention one. After a period of time you will not even remember that those rugs even needed to be repaired. You will look upon them just as you did when you decided to buy them. Don’t forget to call KIWI in Hiram today to mend all of your precious rugs!

KIWI’s hiram rug repair reviews

Yvonne A. (Hiram, GA, 30141)
5 star rating
“The outcome was excellent!”

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KIWI Rug Repair
Hiram, GA