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Carpet Cleaning Forest Park, GA

KIWI offers high-quality, professional Forest Park carpet cleaning services at affordable prices!

Our professional experts clean your carpets with our company’s fantastic 1-year warranty to back up our pride of craftsmanship. 100% clean guarantee! Not bad, not bad at all! In fact, you can’t beat it at any price.

KIWI’s trained professionals will clean your carpet with a special Forest Park carpet cleaner. Since each Forest Park carpet is different – age, style, type, soil, stain, etc. – each carpet requires analysis by our technicians to determine the appropriate KIWI Forest Park carpet cleaner method to use. We’ll make the right decision. You can count on us for that.

Highest quality carpet cleaning service, Forest Park

Before we begin to clean, our Forest Park carpet cleaner technicians will give you a free estimate. You can choose to have the job done then or make another appointment when it’s more convenient for you.

Not a problem in the least. We’re here to serve you, just as we’ve serviced thousands of happy and totally satisfied customers in our 28+ years of KIWI Carpet Cleaning service. Once you give the go-ahead, we get right down to work. Don’t worry! We’re thorough, professional and won’t leave you with sopping wet carpet that takes days to dry. In fact, most carpets will be completely dry in about 15 minutes. And, if your carpet contains deeply-embedded grit and soil, it may take about 45 minutes.

Highest quality Carpet Cleaning service

Still, that’s less than one hour – and completely clean and dry, no matter what the Forest Park humidity! KIWI’s 3-Levels Deep Carpet Cleaning in Forest Park, Georgia Here’s another detail – and it’s very important. We’ll actually be able to show you that hidden and ground in grime with our special black lights. Talk about a horrific sight! Sort of reminds you of CSI – Kiwi-style. Once you’ve seen this, we get to work to clean three layers of your home’s carpeting. Surface – The surface is our first area to tackle. We use a special solution to penetrate and eliminate pet stains and spots that appear on the carpet’s top layer. After that, we apply another special formula, antimicrobial, to whisk away odor caused by pets. This treatment also wipes out bacteria.

So the pet odors won’t return. Injection – Next step is our injection treatment. We examine your padding underneath your Forest Park carpet. Any urine or bacteria that cause odor are dispatched with an injection of our antimicrobial formula. Germicidal – Extensive damage and odors may require that we lift the carpet, removing all padding that is damaged. We wash, sanitize and seal the under floor before we apply yet another antimicrobial treatment. Then we put in new carpet padding, finish with a final antimicrobial treatment to the carpet, the carpet backing and surface.

Call now, Forest Park residents, for the most professional, unbeatable carpet cleaning job you’ve ever had! Call KIWI’s carpet cleaner of Forest Park, Georgia today!

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