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Rug Repair Fayetteville, GA

At KIWI, we offer complete Fayetteville rug weaving and rug repair services. Call us now!

Fayetteville’s Best Performing Rug Repair Service

Our Fayetteville rug repair team is skilled and well educated in all aspects of rug repair for every kind of rug available, whether they are fine heirloom rugs, Persian or Oriental rugs, or your favorite small area rugs. Consisting of a Master weaver, a Fringe Binding and Surging Specialist, and a Senior Rug Expert, our KIWI Fayetteville Rug Weaving and Repair Team will restore and repair your rugs to return them to their original and almost brand-new state. Our team comprises Fayetteville Oriental rug weavers.

The next time you want rug weaving and repairing services in Fayetteville, Texas, call Kiwi!

KIWI’s fayetteville rug repair reviews

Karon R. (Fayetteville, GA, 30214)
5 star rating
“Very pleased!”

All Our Rug Repairs Are Guaranteed For One Year

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