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Rug Repair Emerson, GA

KIWI’s Emerson rug weaving and rug repair is the right choice if you are looking for some good rug repair and restoration services.

Emerson Oriental rug weavers at KIWI are proficient in rug preparing and rug weaving. To offer you the best service and an appropriate estimate, our Emerson rug weaving specialists at the company ask for certain information about your rugs. Some of this information is as follows:

The Basic information Rug Repair ask in Emerson

  • You need to take two photographs of the damaged part of your rugs of front as well as back.
  • Mention the type of material your rug is made up of, if you know.
  • You also need to mention the exact dimensions of the damaged part of your rugs.

After receiving this information, the company would contact mentioning the estimated time and cost. If you accept the offer, we would process with the process of rug repair and send you a confirmation number. However, you will have to pay for round-trip shipping.

Rest assured, our oriental rug weavers would repair or re-weave your rugs as per the requirement to make them attractive once again. Call KIWI for your rug weaving and repairing services in Emerson, Georgia.

Call Kiwi Rug Repair Emerson, GA 470-375-9711
KIWI Rug Repair
Emerson, GA