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Rug Cleaning Douglasville, GA

Douglasville Rug Cleaning professionals at KIWI are experts in identifying rugs and fibers, cleaning and removing all sorts of stains from area rugs and precious heirloom rugs, including Douglasville Oriental rug cleaning. We even have an odor-removing Ozone Room that neutralizes deep ingrained odors. Here at KIWI, our rug cleaning Douglasville technicians understand the generations of craftsmanship and knowledge that go into creating fine and imported rugs and take great care in minimizing bleeding of the special dyes.

Rug Cleaning With Professional Rug Cleaner in Douglasville

We will never submerge rugs in large containers of liquid, but, instead, clean all rugs by hand. Our master weavers and bind specialists oversee all processes and can provide a variety of rug repair services, too. Our fringe specialists are experts in cleaning bindings and fringes and can repair them, too. KIWI offers professional and thorough rug cleaning services in Douglasville, Georgia.

Call KIWI now and have our rug cleaning Douglasville service professionals take your area and fine rugs in for cleaning and remove all the harmful dirt and dust that can damage your precious rugs.

KIWI’s douglasville rug cleaning reviews

Molly S. (Douglasville, GA, 30133)
5 star rating
“I have had very satisfactory service from KIWI!”

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