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Carpet Cleaning Douglasville, GA

Douglasville Carpet Cleaning – The professionals at KIWI will tailor their services to your home’s individual needs.

Our staff is trained in identifying fibers and soils so that each carpet is cleaned to perfection using our specially formulated carpet cleaner of Douglasville, Texas. We even have a 100% clean guarantee to prove it! The time it takes to clean a carpet depends on the size of the room, but also on the amount of dirt and soil particles ingrained in the fibers. Although some heavily-soiled carpets can take up to 45 minutes to dry, many carpets dry in 15 minutes! And they smell great, too!

Douglasville Carpet Cleaning with 100% Guarantee!

KIWI uses a Douglasville carpet cleaner that smells citrus-fresh and provides a pleasurable scent to any home. Never deal with harsh chemicals or soggy steamers again! Let the Douglasville carpet cleaner professionals at KIWI clean your carpets! We use special bonnets that lift and transfer dirt, dust and particles off of your carpets and leave them looking fluffy and smelling great. Call us now to learn more about our carpet cleaning services of Douglasville, Georgia!

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