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Rug Cleaning Dacula, GA

Dacula Rug Cleaning Teams Clean And Maintain The Beauty And Elegance Of Your Fine Heirlooms

Come to KIWI for all your Dacula rug cleaning needs. Our company can perform the regular and specialized rug cleaning your area rugs deserve. We understand the long histories that go into making fine imported rugs and we take pride and care in hand-cleaning every area and fine rug.

Premium Rug Cleaning Company in Dacula

Our professionals know the difference between Oriental, Egyptian, and Persian rugs and appreciate the subtle dyes that enhance the quality and value of these pieces of art. Since we clean all our rugs by hand, they are never dipped in liquid and our staff is careful to prevent any bleeding or migrating of dyes.

We know how much work and effort goes into making one of these rugs and we understand the value, both monetary and sentimental, that fine rugs can add to any family and home. Let Dacula’s rug cleaning service professionals clean your rugs and maintain the beauty and elegance of your fine heirlooms. We have rug cleaning Dacula masters on hand that will ensure the quality of service for all your needs. Got a question?

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KIWI Rug Cleaning
Dacula, GA