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Carpet Repair Conyers, GA

Conyers Carpet Repair Experts Are Proud To Provide Personalized Services

If you are looking for a company that specializes in carpet repair, then look no further than KIWI Services. KIWI Services provides a host of home repair and carpet repair services, including carpet stretching, Berber carpet repair, rug repair, and carpet cleaning. Our team of professional Conyers carpet repair experts are proud to provide personalized services and to work by hand to ensure that your carpet repair is done by hand and with the utmost care.

Carpets need to be repaired for a variety of reasons. Sometimes an animal has torn the carpet. Sometimes everyday wear and tear, such as walking on a carpet, can lead to a need for carpet repair. Other times, the damage is more serious, such as in the case of water damage or a flood.

KIWI Services is proud to say that no matter what condition or reason for the need for carpet repair, we can turn that soiled or tired carpet into like-new condition again in just a few simple steps. KIWI Services also specialized in carpet stretching and Berber carpet repair. We’re satisfied that we can provide expert carpet repair services in Conyers, Georgia – no matter what your need!

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