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Carpet Cleaning Chamblee, GA

Carpet Cleaning that Make your Home Feel Brand New

You strive to have a perfect home all the time, but sometimes you just can’t go it alone. Call KIWI Services for a professional Chamblee carpet cleaning that will make your home brighter and lighter. And thanks to our KIWI Lover One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty, you can enjoy a clean and fresh home all year round.

A Chamblee Carpet Cleaner that is Affordable All Year

The KIWI Lover One-Year Warranty is given to customers who have spent $120 or more on their initial carpet cleaning. The warranty gives a full year of warranty carpet cleanings for just $4 per room, plus a $37 trip charge. We’ll be there every time there’s a stain, every time there’s a party, and every time you just miss the smell of our fresh citrus carpet cleaning solution. Plus, if you’re unhappy with our services, just give us a call and we’ll re clean the area for free.

A Natural Carpet Cleaning Company that Protects the Environment

KIWI Services promises to keep your carpets sparkling and your home beautiful all year round. We also want to promise that our carpet cleaning services will always be affordable, safe, and environmentally friendly. that’s why we’ll only use natural ingredients in our carpet cleaning solution so it’s 100% safe for your kids and pets. We’ll also only choose to use the dry carpet cleaning method because it dries in only 15–45 minutes and it creates no wastewater.

To schedule a carpet cleaning in Chamblee, call the Atlanta area KIWI Services Center!

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