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Carpet Repair Ball Ground, GA

Ball Ground Carpet Repair Professionals Restores Your Worn and Torn To New Look

With everything we put our carpets through, it’s no wonder they get worn and torn. But that’s where Ball Ground Carpet Repair comes in.

No matter what the carpet repair need, KIWI’s professional carpet repair services of Ball Ground, Georgia can help:

Ball Ground, Professional Carpet Repair Company

  • Pet stain repairs and odor repair
  • Pet bites, holes, and tears
  • Burn holes and burn repairs from cigarettes and candles
  • Rust and permanent stain transfer repairs
  • Ruffled carpet, wavy carpet, loose carpet
  • Carpet seams and fixing loose carpet seams
  • Flood repair and flood repair replacement
  • Carpet snag removal
  • Carpet bleach repairs
  • Permanent carpet stains- Kool-Aid, Lipstick and more
  • Carpet ripple and bulge repair
  • Carpet threshold additions between rooms
  • Carpet matching
  • Melted carpet
  • Carpets detached from tack strips
  • Replacing tack strips and rotted tack strips
  • Carpet repairs on exposed seams
Carpet Repair

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KIWI Carpet Repair
Ball Ground, GA