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Upholstery Cleaning Avondale Estates, GA

Avondale Estates Upholstery Cleaning Team Cleans All Types Of Leather Upholstery

KIWI Furniture Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning Avondale Estates

Elite Upholstery Cleaning in Avondale Estates

When you have your furniture and upholstery professionally cleaned, you are making a sensible investment in your home’s appearance. Build-up from every day use can grind soil particles into your fabrics, causing them to look worn and misused.

KIWI’s select cleaning agents and techniques can spruce up your furniture’s look and scent, without damaging the fabrics. KIWI upholstery cleaning services in Avondale Estates, Georgia can clean cottons, cotton-blends, velvets, velours, and all types of leather upholstery. We can dry-clean most furniture right in your own home. Ask about KIWI’s Furniture Cleaning and KIWI’s Upholstery Cleaning Avondale Estates

We can get most stains out of most fabrics and upholstery. Lipstick, crayon, fruit juice stains? No problem! Call Avondale Estates Upholstery cleaning today and see why our customers love our services!

KIWI Upholstery Cleaning
Avondale Estates, GA