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Rug Cleaning Avondale Estates, GA

KIWI’s Avondale Estates rug cleaning Services All rugs brought to our shop are closely inspected. We determine what kinds of treatment and care your rug needs. When Avondale Estates rug cleaning is necessary, the rug is cleaned using our pH balanced citrus cleaner that prevents against color bleeding and fading. KIWI rug cleaning Avondale Estates then carefully sweep away loose dirt from both sides of the rug. Once its time for the Avondale Estates Oriental rug cleaning, we gently hand-wash the rug based on the KIWI treatments that our initial inspection permits.

Avondale Estates Rug Cleaning Process

Rug cleaning does not mean that your rug will be soggy and wet for a long period of time. We always dry the rugs flat, in a reasonable amount of time, so that no fading or color migration will occur. Finally, the KIWI rug cleaning services of Avondale Estates, Georgia gives your rug one, last go-over with the dusting broom and then wrap it for delivery back to you.

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KIWI Rug Cleaning
Avondale Estates, GA